Our wines

Area : 5,15 hectares

Terroir : Graves garonnaises

Grape varieties : 65% Cabernet Sauvignon et 35% Merlot

Density of plantation : 9000 plants / ha/p>

Average age of vines
: 30 years old

Driving of the vineyard
: Double Guyot pruning, Manual leaf thinning,

Crop thinning before colour change, An environmentally, friendly spray program

: entirely by hand-Grapes selection

: In thermo-regulared stainless steel vats,

Maceration for 3 weeks

Ageing in oak barrels
: 20 month with 30% new oak barrels, 7 rackings.

Fining with fresh egg whites

: Guy Delon & Fils

Consulting Œnologist
: Eric Boissenot

2019 vintage : A vintage that makes you smile…

It was under cool, slightly rainy weather that the start of the vine’s growing season until flowering took place. What flash a bright smile.
This is followed by an extremely hot summer period when the vines once again impress us with their adaptability, the berries get bigger, the veraison goes perfectly. A second smile appears.
When ripe, the Merlots present a lot of unexpected freshness and the Cabernet Sauvignon, after having slightly swelled thanks to the rains in September, present a perfect maturity. Warm days and cool nights help these grapes to ripen in good conditions. The smile becomes more open.
After the harvest time, the wines have very good lengths in the mouth, elegant and silky tannins, all supported by an intoxicating aroma. This last smile makes us succumb to temptation.

This is without a doubt an exceptional vintage.


Tasting: Intense color

2018 Vintage : An Exceptional well deserved…

After a relatively wet winter, the spring rains associated with the mildness are ideal for the proliferation of downy mildew. It was necessary to provide tireless work to the vineyard to avoid the development of the disease and therefore a loss of harvest. In mid-June, the good weather appears which will allow us to breathe and it is only in July that summer settles down durably. These spring rains will now become beneficial constituting a beautiful water reserve. The alternation of hot days and cool nights, good water supply, summer weather contribute to excellent ripening of the grapes. The icing on the cake, Indian summer came to close it all, allowing us to harvest in the greatest serenity under a beautiful sun. After 2005, 2009, 2010, and 2016, 2018 is positioned among the greatest vintages of our properties. The wines are very colorful, very rich, very concentrated, harmonious, with superb soft tannins and all supported by a nice acidity.


born under a lucky star

2016 is one of a series of recent outstanding vintages including 2000, 2009, 2010, and 2015. However, the weather during the start of the growing season did not give us much hope for a great vintage. Mother Nature nevertheless showed her amazing ability to turn things around. The weather in 2016 was decidedly atypical, with record rainfall from January to June, followed by as long period of Mediterranean-type weather (very hot and sunny).     016 has all the characteristics of a great year: even flowering with good fertilisation, a water deficit with abundant sunshine in summer, homogeneous véraison (colour change), dryness tempered by cool night-time temperatures, and a magnificent Indian summer. Despite some very hot summer days, 2016 cannot be compared with 2003, the year of the heat wave. Much-hoped-for precipitation on the 14th of September helped the grapes to ripen completely and saved the vintage.  


Tasting notes: (from barrel – April 2017)


Deep colour with purple highlights
Nose of ripe fruit
Very smooth on the palate with powerful, velvety tannin
Long classy aftertaste
A great wine displaying power, balance, and finesse

an outstanding year!

This unquestionably superb year took advantage of fine dry weather with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine from April to late July. A rather wet August followed by a beautiful month of September and early October led to ripe, concentrated grapes. This great vintage can be compared with such years as 2000, 2009, and 2010.

Tasting notes:

Beautiful, intense colour
Very aromatic nose of red and black fruit
Quite juicy on the palate with smooth fine-grained tannin
Plenty of flavour
Long aftertaste
A great wine

“saved from the waters”

This year can be said to have been “saved from the waters”. A relatively cool month of July was followed by a wet August. Fortunately, September weather was extraordinary, with hot, sunny days that brought the grapes to perfect ripeness. The last four weeks of the growing season completely changed the vintage profile.
The grapes were in perfect condition and there was no hurry to pick.   The Merlot showed great balance between sugar and acidity. Although 2014 is not fabulous, it is a miracle vintage in a classic style, deeply-coloured, and well-constituted.

Tasting notes:

Dark colour
Fruity nose
Soft and flavoursome on the palate with velvety tannin
Well-balanced and charming

the year of the viticulturist

Weather this year was rather challenging, with a cold spring that hampered flowering and brought on considerable coulure and millerandage. Yields inevitably suffered (especially in old Merlot vines) Special care needed to be taken during picking, which was very spread out. The crop was particularly small. Precision winemaking every step of the way, from the vineyard to the cellar, resulted in a well-focused, beautifully fruity wines with great colour and high-quality tannin.

Tasting notes:

Garnet-red colour
Nose of red fruit
Fresh, smooth, round, fairly long, and well-balanced on the palate

elegant and charming

Things did not begin very well for the 2012 vintage A cold snap in early February was followed by a wet, cool spring that hindered vegetative growth. Cold, wet weather in the first two weeks of June upset flowering as well as fruit set. There was a lack of sunshine thereafter as well as major thermal amplitude that cause some coulure in Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Fortunately, dry warm weather lasting from the 20th of July to the 20th of September saved the vintage and reduced its heterogeneity.

Tasting notes:

Garnet-red colour
Nose of rose and violet
Fresh and elegant, displaying good acidity and bursting with elegant fruit flavours
A very fresh wine with beautiful structure and crunchy tannin

year of the winemaker

Wonderful warm, dry spring weather in April and May that gave a boost to the vine growth. June, July, and August featured more “oceanic” weather with alternating very warm and rainy periods. Weather in September was very usual for the season. 2011 was one of the earliest-ripening vintages in the past 30 years.

Tasting notes:

Nose of black fruit and spice
Full-bodied and generous on the palate, with a tight-knit tannic texture
Plenty of finesse in this delicious aromatic wine

even better!

As in 2009, the weather was ideal during the harvest. The warm temperatures made for ripe grapes, especially the Cabernets. This warmth alternated with rainy periods, providing ideal growing conditions. 2010 is reminiscent of 1990, another excellent year.

Tasting notes:

Bouquet of red and black fruit with subtle oak nuances
Good body with a concentrated, well-balanced tannic structure

A powerful vintage with considerable tannin and long ageing potential

an outstanding vintage

The weather was very favourable from flowering to ripening. July and August were sunny and hot. This beautiful weather lasted until September and October. Cool nights alternating with hot daytime temperatures were conducive to concentrating aromas and anthocyanins.

Tasting notes:

Deep colour

Black and red fruit aromas along with spicy overtones

Soft and smooth on the plate with elegant, well-focused tannin

Lots of elegance and finesse as well as good length